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Ultra Lipo uses patented technology to deliver focused ultrasound energy at a precise depth within the subcutaneous fat layer. It selectively targets and disrupts only the fat cells, leaving critical surrounding structures such as skin, blood vessels unharmed. The pulsed acoustic wave of ultrasonic energy converges in a confined focal volume causing a not-thermal, mechanical destruction of fat cells. Histology confirms fat cell lysis while the surrounding structures exposed to these effects remain unharmed. Precision and safety are reinforced by an integrated acoustic contact sensor. It procides a real-time feedback to ensure proper transducer-to-skin contact and to efficient energy delivery to the treated area. In addition, the advanced tracking and guidance software ensures complete and homogeneous energy delivery and provide smooth and uniform body contouring results. After the Ultra Lipo Traetment maximizes your results with our relaxing Dlectric Body Blanket Therapy to ease those tense muscles as your body naturally detoxifies.